Several common mistakes in purchasing an electric wheelchair

Misunderstanding 1. Take the price of electric wheelchairs and electric vehicles and motorcycles:

In fact, the price of electric wheelchairs, electric scooters and motorcycles and electric vehicles for the elderly is not comparable. Looks like a similar product but the applicable population is different, so the dimension of the comparison price does not exist, there is no comparable. When purchasing an electric wheelchair, you need to measure the trial value instead of the price from the perspective of the user. Even a thousand dollars of BMW, the elderly can not control, can not be used is a waste for the elderly.

Misunderstanding 2, electric wheelchairs are for the disabled, and the elderly can still take a wheelchair or electric wheelchair for the time being:

Some elderly people want to buy an electric wheelchair or an electric scooter, but the children think that the wheelchair is a disabled person, and the elderly can still take a wheelchair or an electric wheelchair. In fact, this is a very unscientific concept, and sometimes it will lead to even greater tragedies. Crutches, wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and other elderly disabled assistive devices are products that assist the elderly with disabilities. When the elderly are not very convenient, they should be equipped with the appropriate aids as early as possible, which can greatly reduce the chance of accidental injury. In part, it is investing in the health of the elderly, and is also investing in reducing family medical expenses. All the mobility aids will lose the meaning of the presence of the aids if they are not equipped when the user can’t walk. Wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, etc. are not patents for the disabled.

Misunderstanding 3, the electric wheelchair for the elderly, electric scooter can buy one can use it, no need to buy too good.

The number of people who have this idea when purchasing an electric wheelchair is about 80%. This is a serious mistake. It turns out that the brand effect of electric wheelchairs is the same as in other industries. Long-term quality follow-up found that the brand’s excellent electric wheelchairs, the repair rate is very low; and the big brand of electric wheelchairs, electric scooters in the functional design, human design is far more than the second and third line brands. This is not the case for users who purchase electric wheelchairs for the first time, but the consumer experience of many secondary purchases is the most profound.

The above is the electric wheelchair purchase technique summed up in the terminal sales process and the few misunderstandings that are easy to enter. I hope to help you buy an electric wheelchair.

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